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Fareham Concept Designs

1. The Fareham Quay Hotel & Spa

The Fareham Quay Hotel is located at the Fareham Creek, on a peninsula that has historically been used as a sand and gravel yard with deliveries by boat.

Here we create an iconic and stunning egg-shaped building, that minimises the impact at low level by allowing views through and under the structure, ensuring that views of the viaduct behind are maintained from afar.

The building consists of a luxury hotel (or could be apartments) all with balconies and panoramic views and car parking, improved public access at ground level with pier walkway and cafe, destination restaurant with elevated views, and a great rooftop bar.

2. The Fareham Torch

The Fareham Torch is located on the existing Market Quay Car Park, Police Station and Bus Station.

Out of the three presentations on this page, this is the development that we believe delivers the most, for not only does it vastly increase the parking capacity of an already very busy car park, provide a lovely big public open space in the heart of the town centre with views over Fareham Creek, create business opportunities for small upstarts, leisure facilities and act as a tourist attraction, with about 700 apartments (affordable to luxury), but just as importantly, it improves the first impression that visitors get, and adds a vibrant modern facility to cover the current literal backside of Fareham Town Centre.

3. The Fareham Centre

Located on the Civic Quater, the Fareham Centre replaces many buildings that have reached the end of their lives and reconnects the shopping centre to the town.

The development, which consists of 700+ apartments, has ample space for a hotel, office space, theatre, library, exhibition space, cafes and restaurants, with undercover outdoor seating, and a huge level public open space, located on underground car parking that is made possible by using the topography of the site.

Here is an accompanying TECHNICAL video for the Fareham Centre, that compares the existing model with the proposed, and provides rough impact animations along West Street, the High Street, and on arrival to the town along the A27 from junction 11.

Jason Lawford


Jason Lawford

Director of Design & Technology