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A picture is worth
a thousand words!

With the tools we now have available to help people visualise your project, we believe some of our techniques would take a million words.

Selection of our output styles/types

Here is a summary of the main visualisation tools that we have available to us.
There is little we cannot do. If you want an output that is not listed here please get in touch.

Computer Generated Imagery

We can create CGI views of your development usining a range of different rendering tools, to create illustrative and/or near photo realistic views.
We can also merge these CGI’s with ‘real world’ photographs to create an extra level of realism.

Architectural Watercolour Style

Our graphic designers can use their photoshop skills to create these stunning watercolour style views of your development.
These are great for both concept/feasibility phases, as well as for planning, as they give the feeling of form, layout and material colour, without the complexity of detail.

More Examples Coming Soon >

White Model View

White model views are a modern take on traditional architectural models.
Similar to the watercolour style, they enable the viewer of these still images or animations to understand the style and layout without their thoughts of materials and colours getting in the way.

Coming Soon >

Architectural Animations

An architectural anumation can really bring a project to life as a standalone entity, such as the barn redevelopment as above, or can be embelished further to create a full self running presentation with additional context and voiceover etc to really get a message accross.

360 Degree Interactive Environment

This form of presentation can use computer generated images, or ‘real world’ photos to create a controlled but immersive, interactive and feature rich presentation that can be viewed independently, or embedded into your website .

Coming Soon >

Technical 3D Navigatable Environment With Documentation 

This form of presentation not only includes a fully navigable  3D model, but can also include your 2D drawings as well, all tied together into one package.
The great thing with this is that you can bring the 2D drawings into the 3D space and gain a real enhanced understanding.

Coming Soon >

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) enables the viewer to view a 3D model on their display, and then using a smart device place the model within their ‘real world’ environment. (as shown above)

Virtual Reality

Many of our presentation outputs allow you to view the 3D environment in some form of Virtual Reality.
Either using Google Cardboard for a cost effective solution available to the masses, through to higher quality specialist headsets.