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Virtual Services

Welcome to the Virtual Services part of our website!

Virtual Public Consultation

Virtual Public Engagement has come of age.

The pandemic restrictions have forced public consultations to finally enter the 21st century, click the button below to learn how Virtual Build can build a feature rich, cost effective solution for your project.

Virtual Sales

Using all of the tools at our disposal, we are able to create an online project and show home that can start encouraging sales well before any spade is put to work.
The great thing is that as the project progresses the presentation can be updated with reql world images.

Virtual Site

Let us bring the site to you!

Using drone video, standard and 360 photos, ground level 360 photos, standard and 360 video, we are able to produce an online presentation that will enable you to walk and fly around the site.

A few of the the reasons our
Virtual Services are so great!

Click on one of the topics above to experience our full and feature rich immersive solutions.


Hold meetings or chat with customers in the virtual space using video/audio.

No additional apps or downloads are required – it just works! (comes as standard)


Not only does this create a 3D model the viewer can spin around on their screen, but the model can also be placed in the viewers own ‘real world’ environment!
How great is that?


Your initial investment is not wasted, as the project progresses the Virtual Consultation can evlove to a project info hub, and again into a Virtual Sales Suite showing proposed and then as constructed.