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Still Images form the basis to our presentation services.
A single Still Image can bring understanding to 2D layout/drawing, for use in brochures or online.

We are able to produce a range of different Still Image presentation styles, a few of which we show examples of below.
These are CGI’s, Photo Montage, Digital Watercolour and Technical Illustration.

Photo Montage

Using the Computer Generated Imagery detailed above, and superimposing it onto an actual photo of the location, we are able to create realisted existing and proposed views of your project.

Need Graphic Support?
From leaflets and brochures, through to hoardings and project websites, our team of designers have got your back.


Technical Illustration

An illustration is a simplified view that is used to emphasise phasing or design features and alternatives.

Phase 1

This illustration shows how the basics of a redevelopment can be split into two identifiable project areas that could be completed independently of each other if necessary.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is then added to the illustration to show how it could be completed with little disruption to the building users.

CGI & Animation

Technical illustrations are created using the same 3D model, and are great for enhancing technical understanding of a project in a simple way.

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