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As well as creating graphic visuals and technical illustrations, both as still images and animations, we can provide Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions.

Here is an interactive Augmented Reality model we have recently completed for Adagrip EcoHeat for the use of their sales team both in the field and on their exhibition stands.

The above video shows the interactive Augmented Reality model in action.
To try the static (iOS & Android) or interactive (iOS only)  AR model out yourself, please click the following button:


Need Graphic Support?
From leaflets and brochures, through to hoardings and project websites, our team of designers have got your back.


Services our client’s currently benefit from:

We will often build your project from scratch.
So even if you only have 2D information, 3D visualisation and presentation is still achievable!

Still Images

We can create graphic views or technical illustrations of your product, for use online, or in technical or sales brochures.


An Animation brings the product to life, hightens understanding & adds a richer viewer experience, perfect to enhance your project/company website or social media chanels.

Presentation Film

A Presentation Film brings together all your images, animations and information into one self-running presentation. This can be used as an advert or for user information.

Virtual Consultation/Exhibition

Our virtual spaces could be used to create a rich online sales environment within which to show and demonstrate your product.

Augmented Reality (AR)

A great way to help people understand your product and explore the features at their own pace, even before the moulds have been struck.
It also enables the viewer to place a scaled or full sized model of the product into their real world space, adding another dimension to your sales, & taking ‘wow’ to a whole new level. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

Some products may gain by being viewed in VR.
VR enables you to view your product in a  full scale simulated environment. We have a range of VR solutions to suite every budget and project.


Not only are the tools we use always improving, but we are constantly researching new technologies.
So, if you have an idea, but do not see a solution here, please get in touch and we will find a way.