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Virtual Tours

Virtual Solutions For Property Professionals

360 Virtual Tour Specialists

Virtual Build create fantastic 360 content, and offer a range of ways to make your 360 project stand out from the crowd, and this is expanding all the time as we keep to the forefront of technological advances.
Our Virtual Tour services deliver compelling content on a desktop, a mobile device or tablet.
Virtual Reality comes as standard, and can be viewed using a full VR headset or Google Cardboard (or similar).


Walk your clients around the Virtual Tour and chat with them as you go.
No additional apps or secure sign-ins required.
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If your development is not ‘show home ready’ don’t worry, our team have the skills to model your development and produce a CGI Virtual Tour, so you can start selling to informed buyers ‘off plan’.


Unlike some other 360 Virtual Tour creaters, we are using the very latest equipment and techniques that mean toy tour is not stuck inside.
Our tours can take the viewer from kerbside to rear garden, and every room inbetween!

Welcome to your Virtual Property Tour

We can host your tour on our servers and provide you with the embed code to enable you to add it to a page within your website (as shown below)

It is more important than ever to have a strong Virtual presence.

A Virtual Tour is a presentation of your property/development that allows the viewer to freely walk around, view photos, animations, alongside location, sales and agent information as required, all from the comfort and safety of their own home!

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NEW! Live Tours

We can now enable you to virtually meet with your clients inside your 360 tour.

You can see and hear eachother using the video chat,
and they can see the tour and its contents as you navigate around.

If they want to take control to look at something, then you can allow them to take over and
you see what they are looking at!

Far more powerful than screen sharing, and no additional Apps or account sign-ins required!

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Why Use Our Virtual Tour Service?

Apart from very high quality images, easy to follow navigation, hosting and sharing options,
and clear costing structure, our Virtual Tours services include:

Live Hosted
Tours Can Include
Outside Spaces
Technical Know-How
To Find Solutions
Augmented Reality
3D Floor Plans

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We can create a 360 Video

From the Virtual Tour, we can create a 360 degree video that is SEO friendly, that you can share on Facebook and YouTube for further reach, and to enhance your Google / Bing (etc) standing.

The 360 Video is a self running tour that visits the main rooms of the house and surrounds.
Each panorama is visited for 10 seconds, whilst the viewer can click and drag to look around.
This feature is great for social media use, as people viewing on a smart device get instantly drawn in as their gyroscope enables them to look around without touching anything.
Using rich content also helps your standing with search engines and helps to get your content discovered.

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Here are a few of our favourite features!

If there is anything you would like your property sales offering to do that you do not see here then please let us know.
Our team are specialists in their field and are riding the wave of the various tech, so please ask us IF, and we will find out HOW!

Key Plan

The key plan not only shows you where you are stood, but also the direction you are looking.

Sales Plans

The sales plans can cand be displayed within the tour and/or provided as an image for your use outside of the tour.

3D Model – Augmented Reality

The model can be displayed as an interactive 3D floor plan that the viewer can spin around and zoom in and out.
If the viewer has a modern mobile device they can lick the AR button to view the model in their own space.

More Information

Virtual Reality

As well as the wonderful gyroscope feature included on mobile devices to add a sense of realism, the tours can also be viewed using a VR headset.
From Google Cardboard to specialist headsets, the VR experience is within everybodies reach.

Little Planet

The little planet effect at the start creates a fun arrival to the project.

Auto Tour

Once the viewer gets near the house, if they stop panning for a short while the tour will go into Auto mode to show them around the rest of the house.
This is most fun with the key plans turned on!

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