Virtual Public Consultations – Windburn Wind Farm

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We are pleased to share with you one of our most recent Virtual Public Consultations, Windburn Wind Farm.


Virtual consultations are an excellent method to inject excitement and interest into what might otherwise be a rather drab website, and they foster increased visitor engagement for feedback and interaction.

The rooms can feature feeds from other websites, downloads, feedback forms, drawings, and videos, as demonstrated by this consultation.

The presentation can be situated in a standard room like this one, or it could be housed within a virtual representation of your actual building, as we recently did for the University of Winchester.

Should you be constructing a new development, the Virtual Consultation could be placed within a virtual model of your development, and the presentation could subsequently evolve to become an outstanding sales tool as the project progresses.

We are also capable of adjusting the user interface to transform the presentation into an excellent Touch Screen device for use at your real-world public consultation, within your sales office, or as part of an exhibition.

Contact us today to explore how we can assist with your project.